"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Dream and Imagine

Hope you had a very lovely Christmas ♥

It's good having two blogs I get to have two types of Christmas ... over here I'm having a blue (not sad) and green Christmas ... an alternative to my RED

I got some nice things. From Santa hubby I received this brilliant new book "Stitch, Cloth, Paper & Paint" by Angie Hughes. It's got fab projects and I'm itching to try one in particular

From my good friend Cathie I received some fleece in lovely colours and these wonderful variegated threads from Weeks Dye Works. I love these threads in the "primitive" tones

I also received some beautiful hand made cards and gifts from more good friends. They are so lovely I thought you might like to see some of them

I love them all equally so they are in no particular order, other than I have graduated the colours down the page ...

This lovely layered fabric collage from Colette in my favourite Autumn colours with leaves and images transferred to fabric. Colette and I like a lot of the same things in the same style

This gorgeous textile art heart with very pretty chiffon ribbon from a girl with a big heart - my dear thoughtful friend Cathie. It has lots of shimmery layers, stitched and distressed to perfection

Distressed shimmery layers

A lovely hand made card from Connie. I was admiring this fabric on flickr and then it arrived in the Christmas post ...

A very beautiful hand made notebook from my lovely friend Gez. The pretty green cover has inspired me to fill this notebook with my pressed leaves and collected poems and words. Gez was pleased that I'm going to use it for my nature thoughts

A cheeky ATC from my very good blog friend Karen (Missy K). This little ATC sums up Karen for me ... a girl with a cheeky, witty personality, thoughtful and with a big heart

Card from Cathie. I love the silver tinsel for the pine tree

This lovely vintage card is from Viv and has such a nostalgic feel about it. It reminds me of Christmas past, of old comics and crackers and the early 1960's when I remember discovering a box of tinsel and vintage ornaments on top of a wardrobe as a child ...
... a magical box ...

A collaged Christmas card from Lesley

I wish you could see how that star and the sequins really sparkle

This beautiful brooch was a gift to me from Chris. It is much more beautiful in "real life" than my photo does justice! The reds are rich, the variegated threads are vibrant, the little stitches are perfect ... there is so much work and love in this!

I had this beautiful Christmas tree card from Penny (Fibrefrolics). One part of Christmas that I have really enjoyed this year is visiting Penny's blog where she had a Christmas advent ... something seasonal for each day. I love Penny's countryside and nature photos

Another beautifully stitched tree. I received this card from the lovely Kayla Coo

Sharne made this most beautiful birdie for me. It sparkles and glistens with "frosting" and I adore it!

Sharne also made me this Christmas card, a lovely red button bracelet and showered me with snowflakes (see picture at the bottom)

From Gez I had more sparkly frosted things
This beautiful "frosty" tag

This card is probably the most adorable card I have ever seen! It is 3D and glistens with snow and frost. Made for me by the loveliest lady - Gez

This one is not hand made but I wanted to show it to you. A rare sight! Snow in Cornwall on the Lanyon Quoit stones not that far from us ... from a very good friend who lives locally

Another card I just really liked ... more snow, snowflakes and sparkly frosty stuff

It's so lovely to receive something that's a bit different, one of a kind, and special. I really appreciate the time and love that's gone into each and every one of these lovely cards and gifts. I feel blessed!

Snowflakes, charms and choccies

Now ... the snowflakes are from Sharne, the "Imagine" and "Dream" charms are from Cathie and the blue sweeties are the ones left in the bottom of the tin that nobody likes! The poor coconut ones are rejects! Which ones get left in your house?

I've been saving all the sweetie wrappers. Can you dare to "dream" or "imagine" that they would make great beads, get used in collage or maybe even next year's Christmas cards?

Hope you continue to enjoy the holidays
Blessings for 2010 xx

Carolyn ♥


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You are indeed blessed to have so many friends who share their talents with you. All your goodies are lovely.

Pom Pom said...

It's nice to see you and thank you for sharing all your lovely love! So many pretty sights today! That book looks fun!

Deborah said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely gifts! It is so much fun to see them.

The White Bench said...

Mmmmmm....! I looove coconut, so they surely would be the very first sweets to disappear!;)))Love how you graduated the colors down the page!

Chris Gray said...

...santa must have had a job getting all those goodies down your chimney!....

Looking forward to seeing whatever you do in 2010....

x Chris

Dotti said...

How on earth can anyone refuse a coconut flavored sweet??? I am always digging those out of the candy dish at my favorite Mexican restaurant!


OK ... lol ... thinking of doing a coconut sweetie giveaway ... lol!


JP said...

some lovely work aren't people imaginative - glad you enjoyed Christmas and hope you are feeling fuly recovered - Angie Hughes does magical things with sweet wrappers so i hope you have saved them all

Lynn said...

Wow a wonderful load of beautiful art here.
Enjoy the book too.


JP - thank you always for your lovely comments on both blogs. I couldn't leave a comment on yours but wish you the happiest 2010

My wish is for everyone! Good health first and foremost, the time to create and pursue interests, whatever they may be ... leading to true happiness!

Thanks Lynn! I'm looking forward to using the book and will share my end products as and when ...

Julie said...

So many beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady. Enjoy the rest of the holiday. xx

Doreen G said...

Your generosity has been repaid many times over Carolyn as all your friends show how they feel about you.
In our house no chokkies get left as we all have sweet tooths and will munch on anything.
I would like to wish you a wonderful 2010 and may you continue to bring pleasure to us with your wonderful art.

Gez said...

hahahaha guess what! we have all the blue ones left as well!

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful gifts with us Carolyn which I know you so richly deserve. Your blogs bring us delights & good cheer all year round. It was a great pleasure to send you a little something. Thank you for your kind words. Your book from DH looks very interesting. Can't wait to see what has caught your eye! My books came down the chimney too! ;-)

Sending you lots of loving wishes for a healthy, crafty New Year. Love Gez.xx

vintagerockchick said...

What a lovely post with beautiful cards and gifts - handmade cards are so special aren't they? Now I'm off to look at my copy of Stitch Cloth Paper and Paint to try and guess which project you want to start with.
Have a very Happy New Year Carolyn x

MARIKA said...

In a success new rich year!

JaneDoeThreads said...

Hi, I am new here And new to textile art, though I suppose I've been sort of doing a bit of it, though didn't realize that is what I was doing--my work has been in human rights advocacy--embroidery, using natural things here and there was a side work, Until past year when I decided to combine the two [using my own artwork] to create garments that create human rights awareness, women's issues mostly. Anyhow, so I've been researching--love your work [and many others] and just lurking, learning--added your and others to one of my blogs, I was That inspired--you just do beautiful work, very gifted. Anyway, I wanted to ask you, because I am working on a laptop sleeve--somewhat of a Basquiat style and I wanted to 'sponge' or 'spatter' dye and embroidery/layer--in sections, I was looking over your dye archive and I often thought about using blueberries--How do you keep the natural dye in the fabric? I sew aprons too [with my artwork] and so they will be washed--but I don't want to use chemicals. So I've been doing some reading, here and there--read about the mortants I think they are called--but didn't see you mention them--and I want to keep it somewhat simple--due to that the art-research and threading that already goes into the work. And I won't be dying that much--at least not yet anyway. LOL and I may have to learn this felting now, wondered what they used felting for [from one book I have, LOL]. Anyway I just loved how you used berries and madder and thought--this goes along with the philosophy of my work so--how to distress/set the dye, I haven't been able to find much, info there. Now my concern is bleeding--esp due to the embroidery threads/yarns. So, thought I'd ask you...

I'm also wondering if I could mix some berries with water or not--and just Spray on, like a splatter--then set?

What do you think?

Again, I am not a textile 'artist' and so I'm combining more of the advocacy work that I do--with the embroidery--which is mixed, as I write/advocate on Many issues and I want the artwork to portray those issues with dignity, etc. without going into too much detail here--the idea is that percentage of proceeds goes to the NGOs and Relief work projects/teams that I have written about for years. Why I am using mixed mediums with what few skills I do have. I like the natural berries, due to the neutral, not to like, bright tones, because the issues are not cheerful pastel, know what I mean--but I also want to show the beauty of the women/people who live in some of the most horrid of worlds.

Any suggestions will be appreciated, Thank you.


AeFondKis said...

Hi Carolyn Happy New Year!
You give and you receive!
Bet 2010 is a phenomenal year for your creativity!
Linda x

meplusmolly said...

Beautiful gifts.
The book you received is it worth purchasing? As I'd love to do some more mixed media/collage work. Have looked for classes to attend but they never run :(. You don't know of any interesting looking online classes at all either with a similar vein?
Wishing you a fantastic 2010! ;0 X

Elizabeth said...

Such lovely Christmas treasures from all of your wonderful friends!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
Handcrafted and heartfelt little gifties are the best gifts of all!! I have Angie's book and I am so intrigues and inspired by it!! Can't wait to see what you create!!! So much to do , so much to do!!!
Happy New Year Hugs!

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Beauties all of 'em! Wishing you a creative 2010!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Carolyn, thanks (better late than never) for including my collaged Xmas tree card in this post. There are so many beautiful things - Cathie's white/gold heart is wonderful!

Are you experimenting with backgrounds? I ask, because the blog has changed from a blue patterned theme to polka dots on red while I've been commenting! (It's reverted to the blue fabric again now). Talk again soon. Lesley


Thank you for all your comments always xx

I do experiment with the backgrounds from time to time. A change is as good as a rest and I like it all to blend with the header and with upcoming projects in mind! This one works quite well ........ for the time being! LOL :o)

Jacky said...

Lovely handmade, heartfelt gifts....your postman must have been kept very busy indeed.
Looks like you had a lovely warm Christmas surrounded by all of these gifts from your creative friends.

Jacky xox

(p.s. love the way your coordinated the colour groupings and that photo of the snow where you live is just beautiful.