"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Friday, 28 April 2017

Surface Treatment Workshop - week 11

now we are on week 11 - drawing grounds
and I'm finally glad to be up to date again!

creating a drawing grounds means preparing a surface
on which you can draw, paint, make marks or add colour
over, perhaps, collaged, textured or uneven bases

examples of drawing grounds are clear gesso, gels and matt mediums
and they work by sealing layers and providing a bit of "tooth"
to a surface in preparation for creative design
I created a simple collaged base using pieces of old artwork torn up and randomly placed
then I chose to use matt medium gel as my drawing ground
which I applied in several thick layers over the top of the collage

then I cut up into six pieces ...

some details from three of the pieces

next I applied a little shimmering copper acrylic and then more gel
so that my drawing ground was ready to take paint, pencil and oil pastel, etc.

I worked a few mussel shells using different media

collage with cut up prints, bubble wrap, acrylics, shimmering copper acrylics
Golden matt medium gel, drawing and painting mussel shells with acrylics and watercolour

printed papers, gel medium, copper shimmer acrylics, more gel medium
mussel shell painted with acrylics and watercolour pencils

collage with vintage baby in a bunny outfit, papers, artwork, gel medium, acrylics and salt

mixed media collage with printed papers, cut up artwork, silk, chiffon, metal foil
vintage sewing paper, acrylics and matt medium gel
then using a watercolour wash to fill in

detail - collage using prints from week 1 of the Surface Treatment Workshop
as well as metal foil, silk, sellotape transfer and vintage sewing paper

detail - collaged prints, mark making with sellotape transfer
acrylics and watercolour wash with salt

collage, prints, gold chiffon, silver foil, hand dyed silk,
painted bubble wrap, copper shimmer acrylic, matt medium gel
and mussel shells in watercolour pencil

mussel shell texture with salt

collage with bits of tag from last week's STW, monoprints and sewing paper
mussel shells in watercolour pencil and scratched into
waxy textured tag, copper shimmer, sewing paper and sequin

that's the six little square pieces done ... albeit a little curly around the edges
but they will flatten out when I glue them in my dedicated STW sketchbook

and, finally, I had a tag left over from last week
so I applied some gelli printed tissue paper over the tag
then covered Golden matt medium gel as a drawing ground

next I added some white paint then when dry
I practised a little freeing up exercise

"four bottles"

loosely drawing using crayon, oil pastel and artist pen
with my left hand looking at objects instead of the artwork

mark making with oil pastel and artist pen

Evelyn and I are both looking forward to week 12 of the Surface Treatment Workshop
we are playing with gold leaf and I always enjoy a bit of bling!

thank you for reading
and happy weekend ♥


Magpie's Mumblings said...

These were fun to see - your sense of colour is always wonderful, along with all the textures you've created. I really like 'four bottles' but I see two people, back to back.

Carol Rigby said...

Interesting to see the use of the metal foil. I am assuming it is aluminium foil.It looks so effective.
My favourite is the last one. Maybe it's my love of oil pastel.

Julie said...

Beautifully observed mussel shells and lots of lovely textures. xx

Evelyn said...

Very lovely collages - I'll be getting my metal leaf out tomorrow ready for next weeks workshop... !

Corrine at corrinegilman.com said...

Marvelous explorations....xox