Saturday, 23 July 2016

a long time away ...

last time I posted here I was getting ready for "Stitch St. Ives" in March
(a brand new stitching and supplies show held in St. Ives)
I put in so many, many hours preparing my new textiles supplies packs
and getting excited about the colours in my hand dyed fabrics

but then just a few days before the show I got ill and wasn't able to do it
after a difficult winter struggling on with a chest infection and asthma ...
 I got a really bad lot of flu, fever, a lung infection and laryngitis in March
it was mainly because of my auto immune illness and fibromyalgia
that started in August 2015 and has been ongoing ever since ...

I felt so overwhelmed with everything that I juggle
that I decided to take a long time out

 the road to recovery actually began by spending a lot more time in the garden
sometimes gardening and sometimes just sitting in the garden ... thinking and planning
it has been a real therapy for me and I've developed a love for that peaceful time
but now ... I'm starting out again with the online stuff ... but slowly this time ...
my aim {now} is to simplify life and take my time with everything ...
trying to enjoy the peaceful moments in a very busy world
the sunshine and the flowers, the sea and the rain
birdsong, bees, misty mornings in the bay
a paintbrush and a needle

slowly ...
because I'm still struggling day to day with the fibromyalgia and auto immune illness
and I'm still pondering "the big picture" and making personal plans
choosing my projects carefully and trying not to take on too many things
I just thought I might explain a little
why I've been away so long ♥

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Stitch St. Ives

this time next week I shall be at Stitch St. Ives
Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March 2016
The Island Centre, Island Road, St. Ives, Cornwall
Saturday - 10am till 5pm
Sunday - 10am till 4pm

Stitch St. Ives is a new supplies show, crafters show and market
knitting and stitching - textiles - craft supplies - workshops and demonstrations
I will be there both days and will have a selection of my hand made beads
textile art inspiration packs, fabrics and collage packs
plus lots of bits and pieces for sale

I've been gathering fabrics and creating textures ...
my beads are all one of a kind ... each one a little different
in just about every colour way you can imagine ...

it is hoped that "Stich St. Ives" will become an annual event
in fact two shows are planned per year ... in March and November of each year
I'm very pleased to be taking part from the outset
and I hope to expand my range of textile supplies for sale
I will be concentrating on textured surfaces and supplies that are a little different from the norm
... in rich vibrant colours for any project

as well as textile art/creative embroidery packs I will be working on some collage inspiration packs
including interesting papers, old photographs, vintage lace and embellishments

at Stitch St. Ives you will find a range of interesting supplies for your mixed media art work
textile art, knitting, stitching, weaving, book making and other hobbies and crafts
supplies come from artist makers so you are sure to find some unusual things for your own art work
for more information on attending Stitch St. Ives
stallholders, refreshments, workshops and demonstrations
opening times, travel and parking information
please visit the website at
hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

the shoreline

we have had several heavy showers of hail stones today
so it seems apt to share this heart with a winter beach theme
a winter heart stitched on white silk with  grey blue pebble fabric
shells from the beaches at St. Ives and Mousehole and silver snowflakes
I'm giving this away on my FACEBOOK page
please feel free to hop over and add your name or leave a comment here!

Monday, 8 February 2016

winter days

thank you for bearing with me while I've been away from this space and my other online places
I've been taking a break from stuff online for a while because, as you may know, I was very ill
from August to December last year with an auto immune illness that made me feel terrible
I found it difficult to juggle online stuff, which didn't seem as important as trying to
keep up with things at home and I really needed to give myself time to rest and work things out
during my time away I read a lot about auto immune illness and my own rare one, in particular,
trying to discover why it should come along now and how I could learn to manage it without medication (after initial treatment with steroids) and other stress management techniques
I've had to re-educate my sleep patterns, change my diet completely, cut down on caffeine
and drink a lot more water.  These days I have to pace myself, take care in ultraviolet light and strong sunshine and generally re-think a lot of things.  I don't spend so much time on the computer now and certainly try to switch off much earlier in the evening
there is a stress in my life that I carry ... that I have to learn to come to terms with and live with ...
it's a hard thing to bear but I do my best each and every day and I am, essentially,
a very happy person seeing the good and looking for the beauty in life
recently I have been feeling ready to write in this space again
and share my projects and things I find beautiful and inspiring
as usual ... I weather watch from the window seat
always in awe of the power of the sea

I made a little video of huge waves crashing over the harbour wall
it's a little too large to share here but you can see it on my facebook page

wild waves

in December I visited Amanda Richardson's show at The Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives
Amanda Richardson is a Cornish textile artist
who hand dyes her own fabrics to create very detailed textile collages
of landscapes, seascapes, water, rocks and plants
there is no stitching on these textile collages except for when Amanda chooses to use stitches
to attach her finished pieces to a canvas, instead the pieces of fabric are intricately cut,
placed and applied to form the images
the details are amazing and very, very fine ... her work is inspiring
if you wish, you can get in touch with Amanda or see more of her work here
I also discovered Ben Hecht's beautiful encaustic mixed media paintings ...
Ben is a mixed media artist working with encaustic and wax, embedding geometry designs,
old maps, music boxes, antique clock pieces, gem stones and fossils into his art

if you are inspired by nature and the natural world I am sure you will enjoy watching
Ben's video series and want to find out more about his work

there is much to look forward to ... coming up this year
I've already begun work for a textile show at St. Ives Arts Club at the end of July
it will run for 2 weeks from 23 July to 5 August 2016
(it replaces the show I was due to do in November last year)
more on that as work progresses ...
before that ... I'm taking part in "Stitch St. Ives"
a supplies show at The Island Centre, St. Ives, Cornwall
Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March 2016
where I will have my own hand dyed fabrics, artisan beads, textile texture packs
inspiration packs and vintage collage packs
 I'm using the theme of St. Ives in a big way in 2016
inspired by my projects, sketchbooks and older work
these are my newest photos taken in January after my meeting at St. Ives Textiles
looking at old buildings and cottages and working at Porthmeor Studios
The Sloop Inn

St. Ives features again as the theme for
St. Ives Textiles Show during the St. Ives September Festival
to be held at Porthmeor Studios, St. Ives
I've been teaching textiles processes / sketchbooks
and the group have been creating wonderful journals full of samples
I will share more on that soon ...
meanwhile ... I'm gradually extending my working hours
and will be updating my etsy shop quite soon
these winter days are for reflection, for contemplating new work
whilst aiming to keep a personal perspective
my life as an artist is a necessary and grounding thing
I love to create and move things around
exploring shape and colour, mark making and meaning
this process can't be rushed ...