24 January 2015

seascapes and landscapes

I always find that January tends to be about getting back into the swing of things again
and slowly I am managing to get into a rhythm
balancing work with home stuff
I missed last week's Saturday posting because I was in bed with flu
(most likely caught on that foggy day out in St. Just - see last post)
... this week has been about getting going again
whilst also being kind to myself and trying to take my own advice (!)
to stay home, rest and keep warm

I watched the weather from the bedroom window
(quite happy not to venture out for a week or so)
we had a few storms ...

followed by a few rainbows ...
I pottered ...
I worked on my journal here
I posted my art tags here
I got my facebook page going again here
and I now have dates for "The Crow Show"
an exhibition of autumn inspired mixed media textiles
with friend and textile artist Jo McIntosh
31 October - 15 November 2015
at St. Ives Arts Club
it would be great to see you if you can make it to the show ♥
yesterday I went "walkies" for the first time in a couple of weeks
I went over to the beach at Godrevy ... a favourite place of mine
I took a series of photos with the intention of playing with colour, texture and focus techniques


I photographed this surfer with his board ... walking on the sand

and really revelled in the "just being there"
it's always so beautifully peaceful and inspiring over at Godrevy

back to textiles ...
I made a start on some autumn inspired pieces for "The Crow Show"
these are part of a series of six small landscape pieces inspired by allotments

layering fabrics, papers, plastics and paint
machine stitching, hand stitching and gilding

these pieces are still a work in progress
I'm working on all six at the same time

as usual ... my favourite French knot stitches feature

I hope to share all six finished "allotments" next week perhaps

I'm quite happy to post a tutorial on these little mixed media collages
should anyone be interested in the technique of building up layers in textiles
just let me know by leaving a comment if this might be of interest to you
with best wishes for a happy weekend ♥

10 January 2015

landscapes and heads

a busy start to the month ...
being back at Tag Tuesday and Love Stitching Red

I'm pleased that I've got into a nice rhythm posting in both places
sharing art tags and my erosion and wrecking projects
mid week ... Tuesdays and Wednesdays


yesterday Jo and I went over to Morvah Schoolhouse

it was an eerily foggy day driving on the coast road
between St. Ives and St. Just ...
 the landscape ... a wintry russet brown
with a hint of seascape

and I was very pleased to find "Landscapes and Heads" open

an exciting and varied show of mixed media work
from the group "Unit 11" led by Sue Dove

this was my favourite installation

I found each individual piece full of interesting textures ... 
beautiful painterly textures and marks
very inspiring indeed ...

and my other favourite was this art figure installation ...
with her beautiful rosy scarf
and interesting facial details

after the show Jo and I had lunch at Kegen Teg in St. Just
and did our annual book swap and pressies
I gave Jo ... Ruth Issett's Passion for Colour
and she gave me Lesley Riley's Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur

then I was bamboozled by this  and made some purchases ...

we ended the day by visiting The Maker's Emporium in St. Just
it was so full of fabulousness and beauty that another visit is in order ...
watch this space ...

the weather did not improve for our journey home
it was atmospheric and very Cornish ... in a wuthering sort of way

I adore it over on that coast road
I love the contrast of the landscape compared to St. Ives and Mousehole

my favourite time to visit is spring when the landscape is yellow
but I don't know if I can wait that long ...

3 January 2015

one last flurry ...

a busy few days in St. Ives and Mousehole

on Tuesday I met up with friends Julie and Stewart (staying in Mousehole)
and drove over to Morvah School House to see "Landscapes and Heads"
but, sadly, it was closed so I'm hoping to try again next week with Jo

instead we took a walk around Morvah and
got slobbered on by the cows in the field

back in St. Ives we visited Sally's show in St. Ives Arts Club
it finishes today - Saturday 3rd January 2015
if you are hoping to still get there ... you will love Sally's paintings
(and say "hello" from me)

St. Ives was looking very beautiful in the winter light of late afternoon

on New Year's Eve ... we had a party at home with family staying
followed by fireworks on Mousehole harbour
and more fireworks from London on the telly


the fireworks in London looked so beautiful through the trees

on New Year's Day I put together a new erosion bundle

I make up a bundle every year and this one
is for a project I am going to share on Love Stitching Red
more about it there ...

yesterday ... family went home
and I spent one last afternoon with Julie and Stewart
drinking tea at The Rock Pool Cafe in Mousehole
and talking textiles ...

 now it's time to "de-bunny" and get back to work ...

projects for 2015
mostly textiles
sampling and work for Exhibition with St. Ives Textiles
sampling and work for Exhibition with Jo at St. Ives Arts Club
Tag Tuesday on Love Stitching Red
Wreck on Wednesday on Love Stitching Red

hope to see you here and there
and thank you for the loveliest comments on recent posts ♥

2 January 2015

30 December 2014

a bit of frost and glitter

 first of all ... may I wish you all a very happy time of the year

well ... who isn't just a little bit "mince pied out" after Christmas?
or is there always room for just one more?

I enjoyed playing with these collages made from old cards and ribbons
using water colours (and salt to create interesting patterns)
and recycling them into new cards ...

my desk has been covered in gold, glitter and wintery-ness most of December
even now ... there is glitter everywhere!
in December I did a lovely paper swap with my dear friend Lawendula
she comes from a very cold snowy part of Germany
Lawendula sent me snow, snow, snow
 and frosty seedheads and leaves and pigs rolling in snow and skating
(not pigs skating ... but you know what I mean)

 and winter comforts of blankets, warm coats and fireside
the swap worked very well because we exchanged seasons

winter is my favourite time of year so I was glad to receive these beauties
but Lawendula wished for spring | summer | flowers | birds and butterflies
arn't these four winter trees just adorable

this December I'm making the most of living in Mousehole
and enjoying the pretty lights and gallery windows at every opportunity
loving the wintry paintings by artist Beccy Marshall
I bought a few of her lovely cards from The Sandpiper Gallery


and couldn't resist this beautiful reindeer with silver antlers

oh ... and during December I've had a couple of "office parties"
one with St. Ives Textiles to Birdies at Lelant
and the other with my darling hubby to Sea Palace in Penzance

and on Christmas Eve I made it over to St. Ives
it was a beautiful bright but very chilly day

 I met up with my friend Lesley Ninnes
and we sat on the balcony of Hub warming our hands on  mugs of hot chocolate

then met up with my friend Sally MacCabe at Back Road Art Works
which is where I fell in love with Mabel

at the moment Mabel is sitting skewiff with legs akimbo
on a bowl of shells ... looking out to sea
just until her bedroom walls have been plastered (skimmed) and painted in January
but this St. Ives gal quite likes living in Mousehole ;o)

one last picture...
of the beautiful frost we had this morning ... quite rare down here

I have another busy day today driving over to Morvah
to see "Landscapes and Heads"
a mixed media | textiles show lead by Sue Dove

and in St. Ives visiting Sally's show at St. Ives Arts Club
Sally MacCabe
This Year ... Next Year
27 December 2014 ... 3 January 2015
be back soon ... with best wishes