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welcome ... and thank you for stopping by ...
please enjoy this slideshow with my best wishes
(I'm sorry that this may not work on mobile/android gadgets)

so glad that the new year brings optimism and opportunity to make fresh starts
I'm just finishing up the jar project before moving on to new ventures

I wish you all the happiest of starts to the New Year
Blessings to all in 2014 ...

29 October 2014

Sometimes ...

Just stopping by to thank everyone for their patience with me while I had to take a break from online activities.
Life changed in such a massive way for me on 19th February 2014 ...
and I'm still not ready to publicly share that part of my life

Since February, I have had hardly any time for myself, my art or to keep in touch.  I think of you all but I get only "snatches" of time and moments here and there to write.  Sometimes, I pop by your blogs (but you may not know that) and read a little late at night.  I admire your artistic journeys and take pleasure from seeing all the creativity out there.  Sometimes, I get a moment to "like" photos on flickr, facebook, twitter and other online places.  Sometimes, I spend a moment or two looking at the peaceful artwork of my favourite artists ...

this lovely video shares the work of one of my favourite landscape artists, Stewart Edmondson,
and how he is inspired by, and interacts with, nature as he paints

it's so peaceful ... what an amazing talent Stewart has

I have decided that I must not rush back ...
so I hope you will bear with me while this break is necessary in my life at the moment

I'm sorry that I am not able to reply to personal messages, emails and comments at this time
but I'm doing the best I can and do hope to be back here in the future
sharing new work and, hopefully, inspiring projects as I see them

enjoy every moment of the season ...
wet leaves, dew drops, spider's webs, windfall fruits,
flashes of berry tones and late summer flowers drying turning
misty mornings, seeds and seedheads
twinkling starlight and dusky evenings ...

 thank you x

17 February 2014

winter morning and fish shanties

inspired by a cold winter morning at the beach

 with thanks to the artists featured here for their beautiful art and photography:

what a beautiful weekend we had weather wise
still very cold ... but bright and sunny {and hardly any rain}

I wanted to go to the beach ...
it's been so long since I last went beach combing

instead I had a very happy time presenting and photographing the rooms in my cottage
for the estate agents' sales particulars ... making the most of the sunshine

inevitably, serendipitous collections of things pile up in my studio
which sometimes inspire a photograph ... in this case a jar photo

I haven't forgotten that I have still to post about the jar project
and the very special last jar ... it will contain materials I will use in a
very special limited edition zine with original pieces of hand stitched textiles
collections from the jar project and photographs presented in different ways
it's been an exciting project and one that still inspires occasionally

definitely more on that later ...

my work room is now converted back to a clean, smart, fully functional bedroom again
I have moved my textiles table to the dining room
and have limited myself to one {huge} bag of fabrics
plus sewing machine and the {mixed media) contents of 5 double cupboards
so that I can continue working while showing the cottage

while clearing out I found these bits and pieces
that were intended for Tag Tuesday art tags
... the themes of "travel" "fish" and "the roaring twenties"
and {ooops} that's as far as they got

but I think I may try and get them done next week
as I'm starting a new 45 week art sketchbook project with my sister

we will be experimenting with texture and layers, creating textures
and backgrounds for art work but working mainly in our sketchbooks
it will be the ideal push I need to catch up with all of my Tag Tuesday tags
which I will probably share on Love Stitching Red each week

this new project starts on Wednesday 26th February
and the 45 weeks take us up to Wednesday 31 December ... a nice ending

the rest of this week I will be working on some custom orders, finishing up some things
I am making as gifts and preparing new work for my etsy update on 28th February
always busy, busy, busy

thanks always for stopping by and reading my rambles ♥

16 February 2014

beyond the racing black clouds

I haven't had much spare time to write anything here the past couple of weeks
there has been rather a lot going on in all areas of my life

the stormy windy weather has been truly dreadful and scary
so I haven't felt like venturing out very much ...
instead I've been keeping busy with my sketchbooks, painting and stitching
making lots of valentines hearts and updating my etsy shop this past week

on top of everything my hubby and I were just casually house hunting
when we saw a house that we quite liked
so now we are in the early throws of moving and packing
and I find myself juggling a great many things ...

it's early days ... so I won't say too much about it now
but I think the time is right to make that next life changing move
which is very exciting and hopefully a happy and stress-free one

here's a little film showing the tidal surges into St. Ives harbour
it was filmed by St. Ives Community TV
during one of the storms last week ... we've had so many storms recently
there has been no let up at all until this weekend
much of the country has been hit far worse than us and
I feel truly sorry for those whose lives have been affected by the floods
and hope and pray that everyone can stay safe until all this is over


take care everyone ♥

7 February 2014

uplifting blue skies and sunshine

all this morning ... uplifting sunshine and blue skies
a most welcome break in the weather and so nice to have
some proper light in which to work and take photographs

I'll be updating my etsy shop later this afternoon with a selection of new hearts
a new snowy one in white and silver with snowflakes
a Paris love heart and one with a beach combing / rock pool theme
and I'm happy to reserve if you contact me

now back to my stitching while I have lovely light in my studio
hope you are sharing this sunshine too ♥

5 February 2014

I must go down to the sea ...

recently I've been enjoying catching up with both my blogs and doing quite nicely
so long as it's bit by bit ...  slowly sharing a mix of old and new

in January I had a Crow Day with Jo
always a lovely day playing and developing ideas

we decided to have a go at the paper bead making tutorial
from an issue of Cloth Paper Scissors but when we saw the list
of expensive materials, we didn't already have, we decided to improvise a little

so, papers were gathered ...

mainly recycled magazine pages, paper bags and wallpaper samples
plus some hand painted papers (always lots of those in the stash)
and set about cutting, rolling and sticking ...

 I made my beads untapered in a variety of lengths
but ensured that I had something of interest at the end of the papers
before I rolled the paper up, gluing with PVA as I rolled,
and always leaving a bit to spontaneity

so I ended up with these patterns and images around my beads
which gave me a particular idea (with a St. Ives theme) I must pursue soon 

and that had me thinking about this idea too ... 

that I could roll some plain paper beads and collage on them afterwards
which is how I got that image of the girl with the very long legs
on that very long bead ... which measures nearly six inches

they're not finished yet ... I need another play morning
where I will roll more beads and dabble with paints and micro beads
oh ... and they also need to be varnished/sealed for durability
but the possibilities are endless!!

Mousehole inspirations at:   Love Stitching Red

over the last few weeks I've been very busy stocking my etsy shop
and have been grateful for many sales and custom orders

I thought I would share this heart which is now on it's way to a new home

it's called "on the beach"

stitched using real limpet shells from the harbour beach
with silk, vintage lace and watery textures

and finished with a silver grey winter shell
found on the beach at Mousehole

"Polperro" by Sanderson

and next I'd like to share these inspirations from Indianna
"Indie" is my dreamer friend from Cornwall
(I met her and her hubby when they came to my show in November)

Indie sent me these gorgeous fabrics that are "ruined seconds"
(I can't remember where she said they came from ... I will ask her!!)
they have dye runs and misprints but I think they are fabulous just the way they are!!
so inspirational ...

I made a swatch card from them
 the fabrics feature peacock feathers
but they remind me of the sea and the beach

I'm going on my memories a bit as I haven't been to the beach for weeks
(the weather has been so stormy so I'm staying home cosy stitching)

 I must go down to the sea ... soon ... I miss it so much

meanwhile I'm making something for Indie inspired by those lovelies
but I can't share it here until Indie has received it ...
but soon I hope to ...

28 January 2014

Tag Tuesday

many of you will know I silently host the very lovely blog group called


I never imagined, when I set it up in January 2012, just how popular it would turn out to be
here we are in 2014 and it's still running and being enjoyed and
the talent in the group is amazing ... stunning ... wonderful!

I now have some wonderful helpers in Mo, Carolyn and Valerie
and throughout the last (personally) difficult year
they invaluably helped to keep it all running smoothly
 so this is to say thank you to them for everything they do for Tag Tuesday

in 2014 I do want to take a more active part in the group
get back to creating little tag size works of art
as I enjoy working with paper, paints, inks, images and words
just as much as I love working with fabrics, stitch and textile techniques
they are both great ways to express my love of nature and the whimsical
so I will be catching up with January's themes very shortly

meanwhile ...

I have been wanting to share here some of the truly gorgeous  tags
that came my way whilst hosting the Tag Swaps in 2012 and 2013
everyone was so very generous to send me little extras
I am sure, like me, you will enjoy these beautiful creations ...


a tag with very special ribbons and lovely vintage imagery
an extra gift from Petra

and very special little extras from Petra

from Liz ... another lovely vintage image on a magical background
of mica, gold metallic fabric and glitter with silver stars
it has a lovely beaded trim and came in a hand made envelope
made from vintage sheet music


 a beautiful tag from Petra in the swap
I loved this one so much ... love those deer in the snow
and the white vintage trims ... lovely!

 star of wonder - a lovely gift from Jane who made an extra tag for me
Jane created a lovely glittery star background and the words
"star of wonder" on the back of the tag

this was a very pretty hand made card
a gift to me from Laura Turner ... for hosting Tag Tuesday
the details are truly beautiful - thank you

what perks!

 dear Mo sent me a set of her hand made postcards
she knew I would enjoy her photos of rust

what I love about these is that the rust has decayed to almost pink
I am sure that when I stick these in my sketchbook it will inspire something


this is a very lovely tag made by Laurie M. Jackson
the details are very sweet with lovely glittery trims
and the vintage image very nostalgic

it's charming!


 more beautiful work from the lovely Laura Turner
Laura made an extra tag for me to keep
it's very beautiful indeed with it's embossed snowy tree and snowflakes
and many layers of fabrics and papers ... really rather special!

holly jolly Christmas tree and
warm winter wishes

both of these tags have been made by Julie
of Elves in the Attic

they are gorgeously contemporary and fun
I love the clever use of materials and layering
and I like to see "modern" amongst the vintage

 warm winter wishes from Julie Steed


bah humbug!

such fun!
another wonderfully contemporary tag made by Barb Cady
Barb used a stampotique image which looks just like an original illustration
on her own hand coloured background with yummy zetti
and I adore that badge!

December the 25th!

a lovely long embossed tag made by Judy
with lots of lovely layers of paper and interesting trims

and this one was made by Sue (Susie J)

the image is lovely and the golden trims are perfect
love the gold ribbon and the greeting
I do love the old style Father Christmas images

here's another lovely one from Valerie

Valerie's beautiful tag is very old style
with vintage cut out card, vintage ribbon and lace trims
and another gorgeous Father Christmas

another very lovely old time Father Christmas from Mo
I do love this picture very much!

this one I adore!

I've loved the story of the Nutcracker for a very long time
I was delighted that Annie C made this especially for me
how could she know?

love the soldiers and the mouse king and the stickles
the details on this tag are really something!

another lovely tag from Mo featuring an embossed felt tree
on sheet music with words "around the Christmas tree"
thank you Mo

 this one's a real cutie!

when choosing my own tags for the swap I was drawn to this one
the little girl off to bed with her Christmas stocking ... utterly charming!
love the peeling vintage wallpaper and the berry trim

 and this charming little girl features
on a lovely "joyful" tag made by Petra

Petra has used corrugated card painted white with glitter
embossed with snowflakes and snowflake trims
layers of lace and old buttons

this lovely tag was made by Annie Ploug
it has many textile layers of fabrics, lace, scrim and old buttons
and an image printed to fabric ... of ladies wearing their Christmas bonnets

 and this art tag is a real snow globe filled with shimmery glitter ...
just shake it up for a magical wintry snowy scene
it was made especially for me by Helen

 and lastly, but by no means, least
this lovely tag was made by Jane Cuthbert
with warm Christmas greetings and beautiful silver ribbons

 Jane has handwritten her Christmas message in silver pen and
on the back she has covered the tag with many sequins in winter white
it's very snowy and very lovely!

 well, that's it for today
but there are more tags still to share on Love Stitching Red
if you would like to see more ... pop by there in a day or so

thank you for visiting my blog today
I hope you enjoyed seeing the tags ♥