Wednesday, 17 August 2016

memories of May

I have a little time today to catch up with my blog
and I'm sitting at my little table writing this ... gazing out to sea
it's a very misty mizzly sort of day
I can only just make out small fishing boats pulling out mackerel
there is no horizon ... just layers of beautiful silver grey

it isn't always so ...

sometimes the colours of Cornwall are beyond vivid
the sky so dark you think it will rain for sure ... but it doesn't always

this was a day my precious boy was fishing on the pier
and I decided to go and meet him for lunch ... take him some sandwiches

good job I grabbed my camera too ...
the surreal dark skies came over so fast
and I was glad to be on the spot to capture these amazing colours

Mousehole harbour

we've enjoyed some lovely times this summer
making the most of where we live and enjoying the beautiful weather

these are just a few photos from May ...

beautiful scenery and the softest sand on Porthcurno beach

I went metal detecting on this beach and cleared it of a lot of "rubbish"
I also found a toy cap gun and some "spendables"

I let my hubby drive down the narrow country lanes to Porthgwarra
it's a "hairy" drive ... with few passing places
you wouldn't want to meet anything coming up the other way!
but it's worth it, though, when you get to the tiny little cove

it's so peaceful there ...
the wild flowers and succulents are very beautiful
and there is a little place to have a Cornish cream tea

wild flowers at Porthgwarra

I also went metal detecting on the beach at Godrevy
(I have a growing collection of tent pegs and other "rubbish")
but I do find small amounts of money and interesting bits
and some of it comes in handy for rust dyeing

the thrift at Godrevy, overlooking St. Ives bay, was stunning
mid May ... and a change of scene
swapping Cornish harbours for Devon ones

the tiny harbour at Lynmouth

we travelled to North Devon ... staying at The Rising Sun
which overlooks the tiny harbour of Lynmouth

we had beautiful views of the harbour, river and out to sea

we took a walk on the pier ...

the unusual structure is Rhenish Tower
once used to store salt water and later used as a beacon
it was rebuilt in 1954 following the floods of Lynton and Lynmouth

Lynmouth pier and Rhenish Tower

the lobster pots and fishing baskets were interesting to me
fully of rusty barnacles, colours, shapes and shadows ...

looking closely ...

and looking through holes ...

holes and shadows of holes ...

and textures ...

the beach at Lynmouth appears to be a very dark grey black colour
but, on closer inspection, there is colour there too

I photographed the "toy boats"

and we met new friends ...

we went on the cliff railway to Lynton
had a cream tea at Villa Spaldi (the Devon way ... jam on top)
and visited the goats at The Valley of The Rocks ...

we had a very "blustery" day at Ilfracombe
visiting Damien Hirst's "Verity"

"Verity" meaning ... truth of principle or belief

Verity was created by Damien Hirst

she is an impressive work of art
a stainless steel and bronze statue standing over 66 feet and weighing 25 tonnes
she stands on the pier at the entrance to Ilfracombe harbour

I was interested to read that the sculpture is weather and lightning-proof
and underwent extensive wind-tunnel-testing to ensure her capability
of withstanding the force of high winds and sea spray

she is positioned in a place that sure does get the full force of sea gales
it was incredibly windy on the day we chose to see her

if you wish ... you can read more about the context of the piece here

just a little further west along the North Devon coastline
and we came to a place that I regularly visited, with my family, as a child
it holds a very special place in my heart

we stopped for coffee and Italian biscotti at The Watersmeet Hotel in Woolacombe
boy ... have I fallen in love with the place
the interiors are very tasteful indeed

this is "so" my style!
I'm hoping that I may get to stay there next year (please, please!)

and the beach is gorgeous because the light is amazing!

something beautiful to look forward to next year (pretty please)

back home in Cornwall ...

and more celebrations
with a beautiful stay at The Godolphin Arms in Marazion

so ... this is just down the road from me
but a stay means we can enjoy a few drinks with our meal
and not have to worry about driving home afterwards
(I'm usually the one who has to remain sober!)

I was treated to this gorgeous room with balcony
and views over the causeway and St. Michael's Mount

the sun shone ... and we went on the beach with the metal detector
(fun times!)

I think of that lovely time when I gaze across the water to the Mount
(this is my view from my bedroom at home)

how the colours of Cornwall inspire me

I'm working very hard now for a show I'm taking part in
with the group I belong to - St. Ives Textiles
creating new textile pieces, framed work, wall hangings
the hearts I love to make and quite a few cards
(my sketchbook will also be available to view)

if you would like to visit the show here are the details ...

"St. Ives in Textiles"

Porthmeor Studios, Back Road West, St. Ives, Cornwall, TR26 1NG

17 - 24 September 2016
(10am - 5pm daily - free entry)

I will be at the show (all day) on these dates ...

Saturday 17th September
Wednesday 21st September
Friday 23rd September
Saturday 24th September

I really would be delighted to see you there
thank you for visiting ♥

Saturday, 30 July 2016

a few photos from Cornwall

I've had a lovely day going through my photos from earlier this year
selecting a few to share here in a gallery
as a way of catching up a little

all part of the healing process ...
winter light on the beach
"the shoreline"
a winter beach heart I made for my "giveaway"

"the shoreline"
Tina Jensen was my winner in the heart giveaway earlier in the year
I happily put together a little package of winter inspired work and supplies
to send to Tina in her studio in Denmark

my mum came to stay and we enjoyed gentle walks
this Mousehole cat was happy to sit beside her and we all gazed out to sea ...


walking round Mousehole with my camera ...
I spotted these marks in a window of a derelict cottage

window marks
and pretty peeling paint on the fishing boats ...

lovely peeling paint on the fishing boats

peeling paint

driftwood boat in a cottage window

time to read the sign on the oldest building in Mousehole

harbour lanterns

an old postcard of Mousehole

my own photo of Mousehole ...
a village little changed in centuries
early morning light in the bay ...
feeling grateful to have this view from my front door

towards the middle of April I was feeling well enough to travel
my hubby took me to Falmouth for a change of scene

we stayed at the lovely Falmouth Hotel on Castle Beach
this old photo was on the wall of our hotel room
we had a lovely sea view looking over this beach

an old photo of The Falmouth Hotel

it was a beautiful peaceful relaxing time
we didn't leave the hotel except to walk on the beach

beach huts on Castle Beach

rocks and shells on Castle Beach
the sea a beautiful azure reflecting the sky

rock pools on Castle Beach
on close inspection the rocks were magnificent
the strata full of colour and texture


I always take a lot of photos
for future projects and inspiration for textiles
and just because it pleases me

tangles of seaweed

colours on the beach

back home ...
and at the end of April my sister came to spend time with me
I was still recovering from the illness so we didn't wander far
we mainly spent time doing vintage jigsaw puzzles
and walking on the beach

as you can see it was a beautiful day

Mousehole harbour - in miniature
playing with the "toy town" setting

Mousehole harbour - in miniature

powder puff clouds and colourful buoys

I still like to play ...

in the photo below I was experimenting with some photoshop buttons
focusing on rooftops - shapes and colours
painterly textures and colours of Cornwall
(an ongoing fascination)

colours of Cornwall

and on the rocky beach round the corner by The Rock Pool Café
I love to put my camera down close on the pebbles and beach finds

green string

green tangles

so ... just a few photos to the end of April

I enjoyed putting this gallery together
and hope you liked one or two

many, many thanks indeed for all your very kind comments
I'm still replying to all the emails and messages
thank you ... till next time ♥